As personal tax accountants in Calgary, Versatile accounting & Tax will help you prepare individual personal taxes for yourselves and your family members. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and adjust our tax saving and income protection strategies accordingly.

We take a proactive, hands-on approach. We carefully follow existing and proposed legislation to determine how it will affect your individual financial goals and provide ongoing guidance for you and your family.

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Get The Most Out of Your Personal Taxes

We know and understand that many business and personal taxes are intertwined, and our tax professionals offer the integration of both services to help further drive efficiencies and reduce overhead. Our comprehensive range of tax services includes:

  • Tax compliance
  • Tax planning for owner-manager remuneration
  • Family tax minimization

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Trust, Estate & Succession Planning

Developing an estate or succession plan usually means having tough but essential conversations about the future. We start and finish the discussion by asking what matters most to you and what’s important to your family.

We work closely with you and your loved ones (your family) to create custom tailored, comprehensive estate and succession plans for current and future generations that allows for long-term wealth preservation. This will be a dynamic document and will evolve our ongoing recommendations over time to reflect your changing goals and circumstances. Our clients truly value this continued service which would include:

  • Tax compliance for estates and family trusts
  • Business transition, succession planning and estate planning services

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