Accounting Services in Calgary

At Versatile Accounting & Tax we provide the following accounting services in Calgary:

  • Execute the financial strategy of the company
  • Manage financial controls and accounting procedures
  • Ensure full transparency over the financial performance of the company
  • Provide advice on how to increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Effectively and clearly communicate potential risks promptly
  • Propose action plans to ensure that annual financial objectives are attained
  • Support the business owner or the CEO with the preparation of financial plans
  • Analyzing the cash flow of the company
  • Helping with tax preparation as required

Working with a Designated CPAs Can Pay for Itself

One of the questions we get from time to time at Versatile Accounting & Tax in Calgary is how much does it cost to outsource accounting? The bottom line is that you can outsource your small business accounting in Calgary and it can pay for itself!

With a good small business accountant or designated CPAs, Calgary businesses can not only save money on payroll services and doing their taxes but also find the hidden costs that are robbing them of a better profit.

At Versatile Accounting & Tax we work with small and mid-size businesses, corporations, and all owner-managed businesses to do their basic accounting and then work with them to optimize the financial side of their business operations.

A CPAs designation requires every chartered professional accountant to do 20 hours of PD courses each year to upgrade their skills and update on new tax and assurance rules. This translates into the most current skillset for helping our business clients in Calgary.

Many ordinary bookkeeping services will get the numbers right but not give you an insight into where you can make improvements. When you ask how much does CPAs charge per hour, make sure to also ask how the CPAs can help you manage the financial side of your Calgary small business, budgeting, and cash flow management. What can they do to help you put more profit into the bank?

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll Services In Calgary

A Professional Accounting Service for Calgary Businesses. Quality accounting services you can depend and rely upon to grow your local business in Alberta.

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Bookkeeping Services

Affordable fixed price bookkeeping services for Calgary businesses.

Professional Payroll Services in Calgary!

Payroll Services

Calculate payroll per pay period and required statutory deduction.

What Services Can CPAs Provide?

At Versatile Accounting & Tax in Calgary, we are a full-service accounting firm. You can come to us for basic bookkeeping services, GST and payroll services. Our tax services include the preparation and filing of corporate taxes and personal taxes. We specialize in careful and effective tax planning and for GST services we will walk you through the process so that you understand which transactions are refund-eligible from the Canada Revenue Agency. And, we prepare your returns and file them.

These are standard services and we do them well and at reasonable rates. Because we are diligent in our work, we will find deductions that you may have overlooked that will reduce your taxes. And, if your small business in Calgary is having issues with the Canada Revenue Agency, Versatile Accounting & Tax has the credentials and the experience to successfully represent you.

Any Calgary CPAs may represent you when dealing with the CRA. But, not every Calgary CPAs has the depth of experience that we offer. Outsourcing your accounting to a Calgary CPAs who most effectively represent you with the Canada Revenue Agency will pay for itself when compared to less-qualified representation.

Why Do I Need a CPAs for My Calgary Small Business?

There is a whole range of possible accounting services for small businesses. However, essential accounting services like doing your payroll, standard bookkeeping, and taxes may not be enough to make the most of what competent Calgary CPAs can do for you. We touched on the idea of finding hidden costs in your business and dealing with them. We do financial analysis for income and expenses the highlight where your losses are coming from and where you should put more resources and increase your profit.

But, where outsourcing your accounting really can pay for itself, is where we put these skills and services to work providing information that you can use to improve and optimize procedures and systems in your Calgary small business.

Modern accounting software uses “business intelligence” software to ferret out the important issues in your Calgary small business and report them in such a way as to provide substantially more insight that you may be getting now from rather standard accounting reports.

Another question we hear often is what can CPAs do? As you can see, the answer ranges from just the basics to lots of things that will make your business more profitable.

Can Versatile Accounting & Tax in Calgary Help Your Not-for-profit Business?

Not all of our clients at Versatile Accounting & Tax are aiming for a profit with their business but rather at doing good things for society. We provide accounting for not-for-profits, charities, and associations in Calgary. You folks may not be looking to make a profit but you still need to do the books and get competent advice.

Our full-service Calgary accounting firm works with charitable organizations in Calgary and throughout Alberta. We offer exceptional services at prices that your organization can afford. Whether you need help with compliance issues, financial engagement, or a range of consulting services, we are there to help. Our services to non-profits include the following.

We are always happy to work with not-for-profits with the same skills, diligence, and hard work that we offer to help owner-managed businesses in Calgary.

Why Choose Versatile Accounting & Tax for Your Calgary Small Business?

There are lots of good accountants in Calgary. Why should you consider a Versatile Accounting & Tax for your business? You should consider us because of our full range of services, experience, attention to detail, experience representing you with the Canada Revenue Agency, and the ability to make a material difference in your business. We mentioned how you can get standard bookkeeping that receives all of the numbers right but really does not tell you anything useful. This, unfortunately, can apply to the accountant or CPAs as well.

At Versatile Accounting & Tax we look at every client as a valuable person or company that needs our best efforts and best services. We are happy to “go the extra mile” in providing services and insights that really help our clients make their businesses function more smoothly and profitably. Thus, maximizing client profits is one of our passions instead of just doing the books, filing their taxes, and sending them a bill.

What we really want is for your Calgary small business, medium-sized business, corporation or any owner-managed business to prosper as a result of working with us. This will make you happy, make you one of our best referral sources, and make us happy too. Outsource your accounting to Versatile Accounting & Tax in Calgary and it can pay for itself. Contact us today!