As a full-service accounting firm in Calgary, we offer a wide range of assurance services, including review engagements, to meet the needs of your small business. Our team of CPAs is highly experienced in all aspects of review engagements and can assist you with any government, shareholder or bank related requirements for CPAs reviewed financial statements with a review engagement report

Professional Review Engagement Services in Calgary!
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Financial Statements are a critical part of every business and our primary service is assisting our clients with the preparation of their year end Financial Statements.  Understanding what is in these Financial Statements, or what we like to call the financial ‘story’ of your business, is critical to your success.  We walk you through your Financial Statements explaining how items are correlated including identifying underlying characteristics that are driving your success or driving your failures.

Review engagements are typically required for the following reasons:

  • Bank loan requirement for review report.
  • Partnership or shareholder agreements requirement.
  • Professional association requirements.
  • Due diligence.

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