Accounting, which includes bookkeeping, has been called the language of business. It is the process of measuring, processing and communicating financial information about your business.

Accounting provides you with information on your resources, the financing of those resources and the results your business achieves through their use. Business accounting services interpret the numbers a bookkeeper prepares to determine the financial health of a company.

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Consider us your Financial Doctor!

Just as you go to the doctor to ensure your body is healthy and running smoothly, you should talk to your accountant regularly to make sure your finances are too.

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Better Bookkeeping Means Better Growth!

Versatile Accounting & Tax is a full-service accounting agency based in Calgary, AB. In addition to small business bookkeeping services, we educate our clients about what we’re doing so they can make better financial decisions for their company.

Because we also offer accounting services, we can contextualize and customize our bookkeeping services for your business.

We provide a reliable audit trail so that our records stand up to any questions the CRA might have for you and comply with the latest updates to financial best practices.

Let Our Bookkeepers Handle The Day-To-Day Activities…
So That You Can Focus on Building Your Business!

Our Bookkeeping Service is designed around the needs of small to large businesses and is an affordable and efficient way to get up-to-date and accurate bookkeeping records, no matter where you are located.

Bookkeepers can create reports and do analysis based on the records they keep. We know how confusing this can be and work hard to break things down for our clients.

There are four main financial statements.

  • An income statement, also known as a P&L or profit and loss statement, reports the revenue and expenses for a particular period.
  • A cash flow statement reports how balance sheet changes affect cash equivalents for a period. This shows funds in and out of your business and how it affects your ability to pay your bills, for instance.
  • A balance sheet is the only one of the four statements that show results as of a specific date, not a time period. It records assets, liabilities, and ownership equity.
  • A statement of changes in equity shows changes from one time period to the next, including the owners’ equity, dividends paid, surplus profit, etc.

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